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PLENARY SESSION 1 : Strategies, Perceptions & Economics of waste management

Chairmen: prof. Stefano Consonni (Politecnico di Milano) & eng. Lorenzo Zaniboni (A2A Ambiente)


Welcoming Addresses & Introduction

Stefano Consonni, MatER/Politecnico di Milano

Prof. Stefano Consonni holds a Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Politecnico di Milano and a Ph.D. from Princeton University. Since 1990 he has been on the Faculty of the Department of Energy of Politecnico di Milano, becoming full professor of Energy Systems in 2001. From 1997 to 2005 he has been Head of the campus of Politecnico in Piacenza. Since 2005 he is President of L.E.A.P. (Laboratory for Energy and Environment, Piacenza), where he also directs the study center MatER (Material & Energy from Refuse). His latest activity focuses on carbon capture, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, energy from waste and biomass. He is author of over 90 papers published in international journals and conference proceedings.  Pagina di ateneo /  


I KEYNOTE LECTURE WASTE AND CIRCULAR ECONOMY Present situation and future perspectives

Giuseppe Bortone, Direttore ARPAE

Since March 2016, Giuseppe Bortone is the General Director of ARPAE – Regional Agency for Prevention, Environment and Energy – of Emilia-Romagna. He holds a degree in Biological Science from Università degli Studi di Parma. In 1996-2001 he had an experience as research fellow in ENEA, national agency for new technologies, energy and sustainable economic development. He has had a long professional experience in the environmental field in the public sector starting in 2001. Since 2007 to 2016 he has been also head of the Directorate General for Environment, Land Defense and Coast of the regional Emilia Romagna council.


Urban Waste Managment in Emilia-Romagna Region: Economical and Technical Evaluation in a Life Cycle Perspective

Chiara Magrini, Università di Bologna

Presenting Authors: Chiara Magrini
Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental and Materials Engineering (DICAM), University of Bologna, Bologna (Italy)

Chiara Magrini is a PhD student at Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental, and Materials Engineering (DICAM), University of Bologna, with supervisor Prof. Alessandra Bonoli. She is member of Italian LCA Network, involved in particular in the working group “Waste management and treatment”. She has collaborated with ATERSIR, the Emilia-Romagna territorial agency for the water, sanitation and waste services.  / ResearchGate

Other Authors: Alessandra Bonoli(a), Alessandro Bazzani(b), Giorgia Chergia(b).
(a) Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental and Materials Engineering (DICAM), University of Bologna, Bologna (Italy)
(b) Agenzia Territoriale dell’Emilia-Romagna per i servizi idrici e rifiuti (ATERSIR)

Keywords: urban waste management, life cycle costing, Emilia-Romagna region, externalities

  Website reference


Material Recovery from MSW: Actual recovery rates and Environmental benefits

Lidia Lombardi, Università Niccolò Cusano

Presenting Authors: Lidia Lombardi
Niccolò Cusano University, via Don Carlo Gnocchi 3, 00166 Rome, Italy

Lidia Lombardi is a professor at the Università degli Studi Niccolò Cusano in Roma since 2014. She holds a Degree in Environment and Territory Engineering from Università degli Studi di Firenze and a PhD from Department of Energy. She works in the field of the energy recovery from waste, by means of biological and thermochemical processes, and the carbon dioxide removal processes.

Other Authors: Enrico Civai(a), Franco Cristo(b).
(a) University of Florence, via Santa Marta 3, 50139 Florence, Italy
(b) Alia S.p.A., via Baccio da Montelupo 52, 50142, Florence, Italy

Keywords: material recvery, separate collection, recovery rate, LCA.

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10:50 Coffee Break & POSTER Session


II KEYNOTE LECTURE – The importance of communication in waste management

Giovanni De Feo, Università di Salerno

Giovanni De Feo is an Associate Professor of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering. He currently teaches Industrial Ecology at the Department of Industrial Engineering of the University of Salerno, Italy. He is the creator and promoter of the ‘Greenopoli’ environmental education project which since December 2014 has involved more than 250 schools and over fifty thousand students. In 2018 he received the Environmentalist of the Year Award – Luisa Minazzi.  


Thoughts about RRR-Communication: How well meant intentions in “Reduce – Reuse – Recycle” are an inadequate basis for a successful development of international waste management

Hedwig Vielreicher, WTERT Germany GmbH

Presenting Authors: Hedwig Vielreicher
WtERT-Germany GmbH, Lipowskystr. 8, 81373 Munich, Germany

Hedwig Vielreicher holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from Technical University Munich, Germany. She has been working in the field of waste management in Germany, Thailand and Malaysia. Since 1997 her working focus is on international networking and international business development. Since 2017 she works for WtERT Germany GmbH to develop the global platform of “Waste to Energy – Support for Decisions” and enhance communication in the waste management sector.

Other Authors: Werner Bauer WtERT-Germany GmbH

Keywords: Communication, Circular Economy, Recycling, Landfill.

  Website reference


Economic Regulation of the Waste Management Sector: Defining An Efficient Benchmark Of The Gate Fees Of The Treatment Plants

Anna Moretto, Ente di Bacino Padova 2

Presenting Authors: Anna Moretto
Ente per lo smaltimento dei rifiuti solidi urbani Bacino Padova 2, Via N. Tommaseo 60, 35131 Padova, e Consiglio Venezia Ambiente, via Forte Marghera 191, 30172 Venezia, Italia

Anna Moretto holds a Degree in Environmental and Teritory Engineering from Politecnico di Milano. Since 2000 she is the technical manager of the Ente di Bacino Padova 2, dealing in particular on controlling the costs and revenues of treatment, recycling and disposal of urban waste and integration between waste management and renewable energy.

Other Authors: Marinella Favot, Antonio Massarutto.
Dipartimento di Scienze Economiche e Statistiche (DIES) dell’Università degli Studi di Udine, Via Tomadini 30/A 33100 Udine, Italia

Keywords: Gate Fee, Market and Regulation, Benchmark, Waste.

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12:40 Lunch Break

PARALLEL SESSION 2.A: Plastics & Polymers Recovery

Coordinator: Antonio Protopapa


Introduction & Focus on Plastics Recovery

Antonio Protopapa, COREPLA

Antonio Protopapa is the Research and Development Director of Corepla since February 2017. He holds a degree as a Chemical Engineer from the Politecnico di Torino. He has started his career within the Eni group in the polymers business and has covered several important roles in the commercial area finally becoming the Commercial Director of Versalis SpA in 2008. He moved to Brussel in 2012 as Chairman and Managing Director of Versalis International before returning to Italy with his actual new role in Corepla.


Plastics And Microplastics: An Environmental And Health Problem, But Above All A Socio-Cultural Issue

Federica Tommasi, Istituto Superiore di Sanità

Presenting Authors: Federica Tommasi
Department of Environment and Health, Unit of Ecosystems and Health, Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Viale Regina Elena 299, 00161 Roma, Italy

Federica Tommasi holds a Degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Pisa since 2000. She had employment experiences at ASM Brescia S.p.A and at the Environment office of “Provincia di Arezzo”. In 2010 she became technologist in ISS “Soil and Waste” Department, also dealing with the disposal of ISS waste. Later in 2015 she became local referent in OECD “Working Party on Resource Productivity and Waste” WPRPW. She participated at the “Global Forum on Environment” GFE of the OECD – “Design of ‘Sustainable Plastics’ from a Chemicals Perspective” held in Copenhagen  in 2018. She was part of the “End of Waste” RoundTable of the Italian Ministry of the Environment representing ISS. Since 2016 she works in the Dept of “Ecosystems and Health” over Circular Economy and Sustainability (micro plastics not only in the sea).

Keywords: Gate microplastics, microplastics pollution, environmental communication.

  Website reference


POLYCE: Circular Economy Solutions For The Recycling Of Plastics From WEEE

Luca Campadello, ECODOM

Presenting Authors: Luca Campadello
ECODOM, Consorzio Italiano Recupero e Riciclaggio Elettrodomestici, via Lepetit 40, Lainate (MI), 20020

Luca Campadello is the Projects and Research Manager for ECODOM responsible for research activities. He earned his MSc in Mechanics from Politecnico di Milano University. He co-ordinates projects and research (PolyCE, COLLECTORS, ProSUM, CRM Closed Loop Recovery, SCRREEN, INNOWEEE) that involve the Consortium. He is member of the EIP raw materials operational group and is the Italian expert on the CENELEC technical tables. Since 2008 he has worked for ECODOM managing suppliers, performing WEEELABEX audits and actively participating in European technical tables for the development of standards focused on the recycling of WEEE.

Other Authors: Alessia Accili, Andrea Amadei, Nazarena Vincenti.
ECODOM, Consorzio Italiano Recupero e Riciclaggio Elettrodomestici

Keywords: e-plastics, WEEE, demonstrators, recycling.

  Website reference


Modeling waste thermal treatment

Tiziano Faravelli, Politecnico di Milano

Presenting Authors: Tiziano Faravelli
Dipartimento di Chimica, Materiali e Ingegneria Chimica, Politecnico di Milano, P.zza Leonardo da Vinci 32, 20133 Milano, Italy

Tiziano Faravelli holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering from Politecnico di Milano from 1990. He is Full Professor at from 2004 and Head of Chemical Engineering Section of Chemistry, Materials and Chemical Engineering Department of Politecnico di Milano. His research activity is focused on Chemical reaction engineering of complex systems (pyrolysis, partial oxidation and combustion modeling of gas, liquid and solid fuels, both fossil and renewable fuels), pollutant formation (NOx, Sox, PAH and soot) from combustion processes, heterogeneous combustion of liquids and solids, numerical fluidynamics of reactive flows.

Other Authors: Alberto Cuoci, Alessio Frassoldati, Eliseo Ranzi.
Dipartimento di Chimica, Materiali e Ingegneria Chimica, Politecnico di Milano

Keywords: Modeling, kinetics, waste, plastics.

  Website reference


Recycled Polymers in Bituminous Membranes: Opportunities Of Circular Economy for End-of-Life Tires

Camillo Cardelli, MOPI Srl

Presenting Authors: Camillo Cardelli
MOPI srl, via Cocchi 7, 56124 PISA

Camillo Cardelli in 1997 optained his degree in Industrial Chemistry from Pisa University with the thesis over the “catalytic polymerization of olefins”. He also holds a degree from Scuola Normale Superiore of Pisa with studies in properties and characterization of polyolefins. Since 2000 he holds a Ph.D. with the thesis on “Polymeric blends and composites” from Pisa University where he became Ph.D. post doc. Since 2008 he holds an MBA from Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna di Pisa for “Management of Innovation”. He is author of 18 Scientific papers in international Journals. He also had an employment experience at the National Council of Research of Italy for studies about halogen-free, flame retardant polymeric materials for cables. Since 1997 he became chemical consultant for European small-medium enterprises involved in the cable production chain, mainly regarding Flame Retardancy. In 2011 he became promoter and co-founder of IPOOL Technology Company for Materials Design, spin-off of the Institute of Chemical and Physical Processes of Pisa. Since 2017 he is the promoter and co-founder of MOPI srl, R&D and consultancy company in Pisa for materials recycling and bitumen applications.

Other Authors: Francesco Criscitiello(a), Marco Badalassi(a), Fabrizio Nardo(b).
(a) Dipartimento di Chimica e Chimica Industriale, Università di Pisa
(b) Antifemo Srl

Keywords: recycled tyres, recycled polyolefins, sludge, biostabilisation.

PARALLEL SESSION 2.B: Biogas & Biomethane

Coordinator: Manuele Gatti


Introduction & Focus on Biogas valorization

Manuele Gatti, LEAP/Politecnico di Milano

Manuele Gatti holds a Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Politecnico di Milano (2009) and a Ph.D. in Energy from Politecnico di Milano (2014). He is currently assistant professor (RTDa) of Energy Systems at Politecnico di Milano. He has been collaborating with L.E.A.P. (Laboratory for Energy and Environment, Piacenza) since 2009. He has been scientific responsible for LEAP – POLIMI activities in the “GoBioM” project. His research activity focuses on CO2 Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS) Technologies, Biogas and Biomethane Conversion Processes and Process Modelling of Energy Systems.   Pagina di ateneo /  


Biogas-To-Biomethane: A Review Of Upgrading Techniques From A Life Cycle Perspective

Giovanni Cardamone, Università della Campania

Presenting Authors: Cardamone Giovanni Francesco
Department of Environmental, Biological, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technologies, University of Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli”, Via Vivaldi, 43, 81100, Caserta, Italy

In 2018, Giovanni Cardamone got his second level degree in Environmental Sciences and Technologies at University of Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli”, with a thesis entitled “Biomethane for automotive use: technological, environmental and economic aspects”. Also in 2018, he won a scholarship for a Ph.D. position in Environment, Design and Innovation at University of Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli”, where he deals with development and optimization of technologies for treatment, disposal and recycling of wastes, with specific reference to technologies for energy and resources recovery, as well as assessment of impact of human activities related to the treatment/disposal of waste on environmental resources quality and human health, with particular attention to tools for quantifying environmental burdens, as Material and Substances Flow Analysis and Life Cycle Assessment. To date, He is working to develop energy and material recovery processes from dangerous plastic waste (electrical and electronic wastes – WEEE, end-of-life vehicles – ELV and construction and demolition wastes – C&DW) within a European Horizon2020 project, where he mainly deals with the assessment of the environmental sustainability of different routes for chemical recycling of plastic waste containing dangerous substances, through the definition of innovative technical solutions and the quantification of their environmental performance along the entire life cycle.

Other Authors: Ardolino Filomena, Parrillo Francesco, Arena Umberto.
Department of Environmental, Biological, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technologies, University of Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli”

Keywords: Biogas, biomethane, upgrading.

  Website reference


“Power To Gas”: Process Monitoring Of Hydrogenotrophic Methanogenesis To Biomethane Production

Daniela Bona, Fondazione Edmund Mach

Presenting Authors: Daniela Bona
Technology Transfer Centre, Fondazione Edmund Mach, Via E. Mach, 1, 38010 San Michele a/A, Italy

Daniela Bona graduated in Evolutionary Biology in 2005 at Università degli studi di Padova. She had training internships at CETA (Centro Ecologia Teorica ed Applicata) and at the University of Innsbruck (Microbial Ecology group). Since 2008, she has worked as technologist at the Fondazione Edmund Mach (Environment and Mountain Agriculture Department – Environmental, Energy and Livestock Resources Unit). She carriers out research activity in the biological process transformation of biomass (organic waste, and agricultural biomass) to produce at the same time bioenergy (biofuels) and soil conditioner or organic fertilizers. She dealt with setting up a dedicated laboratory to study of anaerobic processes of biomass treatment (BMP tests) and with the monitoring and controlling of the biological process in the anaerobic digestion plants. She deal with the research on soil conditioner and bio-fertilizers obtained from biomass as regard their characterization, phytotoxicity and their effects on soils. She deals with the application of specific innovation technologies as regard the lignocellulosic biomass exploitation. She has co-worked at feasibility studies and at specific collaboration with companies for innovative technologies implementation, like as Power to Gas. She has worked at different research project as: “ZOOTANOLO: La produzione del bioetanolo come valorizzazione energetica innovativa dei reflui zootecnici” (MIPAAF 2010-2013); “VEGA: Valorizzazione energetica di biogas da digestione anaerobica attraverso fuel cells” coordinato dall’azienda SOFCPower SpA (PAT- FESR 6/2009) (2010-2013); “Biogas in aree alpine: soluzione integrata per l’abbattimento o il recupero dei nutrienti nei digestati” (Provincia Bolzano, L.14, 2012-2015); Biogas for SOFC’s (BWS) Founded by Fondazione Caritro (2015-2017).

Other Authors: Maddalena Sordo(a), Barbara Amato(b), Francesca Fava(a), Kieran Tuohy(a), Raffaele Guzzon(c), Silvia Silvestri(c).
(a) Research and Innovation Centre, Fondazione Edmund Mach, Via E. Mach, 1, 38010 San Michele a/A, Italy
(b) SYNECO Group Srl, Via Marie Curie, 17, 39100 Bolzano
(c) Technology Transfer Centre, Fondazione Edmund Mach

Keywords: Power to Gas, monitoring plan, RTqPCR, citofluorimetry.

  Website reference


Biomethane Production from the MSW Organic fraction with immision into the local gas network

Gian Marco Malagoli, AIMAG Spa

Presenting Authors: Gian Marco Malagoli
Responsabile Impianto AIMAG spa

Gian Marco Malagoli holds a Degree in Chemistry from Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia since 1999. From 2000 to 2008, he was production manager of the Ceramico Atlas Concorde plant at Finale Emilia. From 2008 to 2011 he was production manager of the composting and MBT AIMAG plant at Fossoli di Carpi (140,000 tons a year authorized). Since 2011 he is plant manager of the composting AIMAG plant at Finale Emilia (MO). The plant, initially authorized for 30,000 tons of waste per year, was implemented in 2015 according to the best available technologies and increased to 40,000 tons per year. In 2018 the anaerobic section with biogas upgrading into biomethane was inserted and the treatment potential increased to 50,000 tons per year. The currently produced biomentan is fed into the local distribution network.

Keywords: biomethane, upgrading, organic waste, gas network.

  Website reference


Alternative Scenarios Of Energy Recovery From Organic Fraction Of Residual Municipal Waste In the Marche Region

Martina Di Addario, Università di Urbino

Presenting Authors: Martina Di Addario
DiSPeA – Department of Pure and Applied Sciences, Environmental Section, University of Urbino “Carlo Bo”, Campus Scientifico “E. Mattei”, 61029 Urbino, Italy

Martina Di Addario holds a Degree in Chemical Engineering and Sustainable Processes and a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Politecnico di Torino. Since 2018 she is a Research Fellow at the Department of Pure and Applied Sciences, Environmental Section, of University of Urbino “Carlo Bo”, with supervisor Prof. Eng. Fabio Tatàno. She has been working in the field of waste management, mainly anaerobic digestion and landfilling.  / ResearchGate

Other Authors: Massimiliano Boccarossa(a), Fabio Tatàno(b).
(a) ARPAM – Environmental Protection Agency of the Marche Region – Waste Register Section, Strada Barsanti 8, 61122 Pesaro, Italy
(b) DiSPeA – Department of Pure and Applied Sciences, Environmental Section, University of Urbino “Carlo Bo”

Keywords: Anaerobic digestion, Energy recovery, Municipal waste, Residual organic fraction.

  Website reference

16:00 Coffee Break & POSTER Session

PARALLEL SESSION 2.C: Sludges & Sewage Recovery

Coordinator: Roberto Canziani


Introduction & Focus on sludge treatment

Roberto Canziani, Politecnico di Milano

Roberto Canziani, Ph.D. since 1987, he is full professor in Sanitary-Environmental Engineering at the Politecnico di Milano, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Environmental Section, where he teaches two courses in English at Master level within the School of Civil Engineering and Environmental and one course in the Doctorate in Environmental Engineering and Infrastructure. He is the author or co-author of over 200 publications, of which over 100 international (40 on WoS), mainly on wastewater treatments. He is scientific co-director of the journal Ingegneria dell’Ambiente. Coordinator of the European project “Sludgetreat” on electrosmotic dewatering of sewage sludge (2014-2019), participates and has participated as research unit coordinator in other European projects (FP4: “Eoli” project; FP7: project “Coadvise”, LIFE 2016: “DeNTreat”), national (MiPAAF: “Brain” project; MIUR: “SWARMNet” project) and regional projects (Lombardy Region: PerformWater_2030), concerning water and sludge treatment processes and technologies. He has been and is responsible for research projects funded by various companies operating in the water service sector (among others: MM SpA, CAP Holding SpA, IREN SpA, Comodepur SpA, Lariana Depur SpA, ASIL SpA, Sud Seveso Servizi SpA , Lario Reti Holding SpA).


Zürich Mono-Inceneration plant: operation experiences

Antonio Castorini, TBF – Switzerland

Presenting Authors: Antonio Castorini
TBF + Partner AG, Ingegneri e Consulenti, Strada Regina 70, 6982 Agno (Switzerland)

Antonio Castorini in 1996 optained his degree in Mechanical Engineering from Politecnico of Milan and since 2001 he holds a Master post lauream in Engineering&Contracting at the MIP-Politecnico of Milan. After a short professional experience, he undertook a post-graduate training course. Subsequently he worked for some of the main Italian engineering companies, such as Tecnimont and Foster Wheeler, and then joined TBF+Partner AG in 2006, a Swiss engineering company, leader in the design of complex projects in the environmental and infrastructure fields. Currently he works as Senior Project Manager mainly in Italy in the field of thermal valorisation of municipal solid waste and sewage sludge.

Other Authors: Thomas Vollmeier, Tiziano Canali.
TBF + Partner AG, Ingegneri e Consulenti

Keywords: sludge, mono-inceneration, experience, Phosphorus.

  Website reference


High Pressure And Medium Temperature Sludge Treatment

Mattia Sbaffi, Agrosistemi Srl

Presenting Authors: Mattia Sbaffi
Agrosistemi S.r.l, Via del capitolo, 54 29122 Piacenza

Mattia Sbaffi graduated in Applied Geological Sciences at the University of Pavia. Currently researcher at Syngen of un-conventional technologies for sewage sludge management and recovery. SYNGEN Srl develops, experiments and applies technologies for biomass usage, specifically sewage sludge, by means of chemical treatment processes, finalizing its research to the material and energy recovery. Syngen is partner of Agrosistemi, an italian company specialized in the treatment and recovery of biological sludge originated by waste water purification.

Other Authors: Fabio Cella
Agrosistemi S.r.l

Keywords: Sludge, Treatment, Hydrothermal, Liquefaction.

  Website reference


Valorization Of Landfill Leachate Through Ammonium Sulphate Production

Gioia Garavini, Ecoinnovazione Srl

Presenting Authors: Gioia Garavini
Ecoinnovazione – Via D’Azeglio, 51 – 40123 Bologna, Italia

Gioia Garavini is a senior analyst at Ecoinnovazione Srl – a spin off of ENEA. She has a degree in environmental sciences with experience in the development and execution of LCA studies of complex industrial supply chain systems and innovative technologies. In the field of waste treatment, she coordinates for Ecoinnovation the activity related to the LCA analysis within the CIRCE2020 project for the identification and feasibility of circular solutions for the valorisation of industrial waste.

Other Authors:  Omar Gatto (a), Walter Giacetti (a), Riccardo Morganti (a), Giacomo Arrigo Pieretti (a), Alessandra Zamagni (b), Paolo Masoni (b).
(a) Etra – Via del Telarolo, 9 – 35013 Cittadella (PD)
(b) Ecoinnovazione

Keywords: LCT, landfill leachate, stripping, ammonium suplhate.

  Website reference

PARALLEL SESSION 2.D: Innovative Processes & Optimization

Coordinator: Marco J. Castaldi


Introduction & Focus on innovative approach and experimental investigations in landfills

Marco J. Castaldi, City College NYC – USA

Marco J. Castaldi holds a B.S. from Manhattan College and M.S./Ph.D from UCLA all in Chemical Engineering with minors in Astrophysics and Advanced Theoretical Physics. He holds seven patents and two pending applications in the areas of catalysis and combustion. He has authored over 95 peer reviewed publications, three textbooks and 7 book chapters. He was the Editor of the North American Waste to Energy Conference (NAWTEC) Series (ISBN: 978-0-7918-4393-2) and currently serves as an Editorial Board Member of Waste and Biomass Valorization (ISSN: 1877-2641), Catalysts (ISSN 2073-4344), Journal of Environmental Engineering (ISSN: 0733-9372) and Applied Energy (ISSN: 0306-2619). He has worked in industry for 10 and was an Associate Professor at Columbia’s Earth & Environmental Engineering Department prior to coming to City College in the Fall 2012. He is a Fellow of ASME, AIChE, the Fulbright Commission and the National Academy of Engineering, Frontiers of Engineering Education.


iWaste: Evolution Or Revolution Of Automation For Waste Treatment

Christophe Cord’Homme, CNIM – France

Presenting Authors: Christophe Cord’Homme
Development Director for the Environment and Renewable Energies sector, CNIM, 35 rue de Bassano 75008 PARIS – FRANCE

As engineer of “Mines Paris Tech”, Christophe Cord’Homme began his career at the National Agency for Nuclear Waste Disposal (ANDRA). From 1988 to 1993 he served as project manager for ENTROPIE S.A. to build thermal desalination plants and absorption chillers. Since 1993, he has been working for CNIM group, initially as commercial manager for waste and flue gas treatment. He joined LAB from 2001 to 2007, first to serve as sales director, and evolved as project director, overseeing contract realization. From 2009 to 2012, he took the position of General Manager Delegate of LAB S.A. Member of the board of LAB, he became in 2011, Development Director for the Environment and Renewable Energies sector of CNIM Group.

Keywords: automation, digitalization, cybersecurity , simulation.

  Website reference


Recent Advances On Waste Logistics Optimisation: From Strategic Design To Short-Term Operations Planning

Matteo Pozzi, OPTIT Srl

Presenting Authors: Matteo Pozzi
Optit Srl, via Mazzini, 82 – 40138 Bologna (BO), Italy

Following his MSCi in Physics, Matteo Pozzi studies at the School for Advanced International Studies of the Johns Hopkins University – Bologna Centre – where he gets a Diploma in International Relations. He starts a management consulting career in Logica Consulting, first based in London and then Milan, where he works in the e-business, telecom and energy industries. In SCS Consulting develops Retail and Financial sector expertise before becoming responsible for the Energy & Utilities offering. In 2010 he becomes Partner and CEO of Optit, spinoff company of the Operations Research team of the University of Bologna, brought from start-up phase to a recognised national competence centre in the growing Advanced Analytics sector, currently going through an ambitious internationalisation strategy.

Other Authors:  Daniele Vigo.
Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna – DEI – Dip. di Ingegneria dell’Energia Elettrica e dell’Informazione “Guglielmo Marconi”, viale Risorgimento, 2 – 40136 Bologna, Italy

Keywords: logistics, optimisation, routing, analytics.

  Website reference


Optimization Of Multi-Stage Air Pollution Control Systems In Wte Plants Via Process Data Analysis And Dedicated Test Runs

Alessandro Dal Pozzo, Università di Bologna

Presenting Authors: Alessandro Dal Pozzo
Department of Chemical, Civil, Environmental and Materials Engineering, Alma Mater Studiorum – Università di Bologna, Via Terracini 28, 40131 Bologna, Italy

Alessandro Dal Pozzo graduated Ph.D. and is now Junior Assistant Professor (fixed-term) at the Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental and Materials Engineering. His main fields of activities are related to the modeling of acid gases removal from waste-to-energy plants, optimization of flue gas treatment processes in waste-to-energy plants, Development of innovative sorbents for CO2 capture.

Other Authors:  Giacomo Antonioni, Valerio Cozzani.
Department of Chemical, Civil, Environmental and Materials Engineering, Alma Mater Studiorum – Università di Bologna

Keywords: waste-to-energy, flue gas treatment, acid gas, process modelling.

  Website reference

17:50 Final Discussion & First Day Closing

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