MatER Meeting 2019 | Gala Dinner & Guided Tour

4th MatER Meeting

Monday 27th May 2019

Guided Tour

Galleria d’arte moderna RICCI ODDI –  Via San Siro 13, Piacenza, Italy

The Ricci Oddi Gallery of Piacenza is an art gallery dedicated to modern art paintings. The gallery was founded by the collector Giuseppe Ricci Oddi (Piacenza, 1868 – 1937) a keen art collector, endowed with good taste and a particular sensitivity.
Once he conceived the idea of donating the collection to the town, Ricci Oddi offered to pay for the construction of a building on land given by the Local Council. For this purpose, was chosen the area of the former convent of San Siro. The new museum was designed y his friend Giulio Arata (Piacenza, 1881-1962), one of the protagonists of the Italian architectural renewal of the early 1900s.

The collection mainly includes Italian works from the 1830s to 1930s, trying to maintain an equilibrium between the various regions of Italy and considering foreign artists on the basis of their influence on the Italians. It is one of the most remarkable of the kind in Italy.
The halls of the Gallery are dedicated to the regional schools and to the Movements (Novecento Italiano, the Lombard Scapigliatura, Symbolism).
Hall I is dedicated to the emilian artists; Hall II hosts the Tuscans; Hall III the Ligurians and the Piedmontese; Hall V is completely dedicated do Antonio Fontanesi, the most important romantic Italian landscape painter. Halls VIII, IX and X are dedicated to the Lombards; Hall XII hosts a precious private collection on loan; Hall XIII is completely dedicated to Stefano Bruzzi. Hallo XV is entirely dedicated to Antonio Mancini; following two halls are dedicated to “Novecento Italiano”; Hall XIX is dedicated to the Symbolism and the last hall is dedicated to the few foreign artists.

Gala Dinner

🏛 Basilica di Sant’Agostino –  Stradone Farnese 14, Piacenza, Italy

The deconsecrated Basilica of Sant’Agostino is located at the intersection of the Avenue Farnese and via Giordani, in the historic heart of Piacenza.

It was built between 1570 and 1586 by Bernardino Pannizzari called “il Caramosino”, the constructor of Palazzo Farnese, as a project commissioned by the Canons Regular of the Lateran. The neoclassical façade was completed between 1786-1792 by Camillo Morigi. The façade recalls the Roman triumphal arches, with statues and a pediment decorated with angels and garlands.

The great interior, huge and armonious, has 5 naves (the only example in Piacenza), divided by granite columns and pillars with a majestic cupola in the center. On the transept walls there are remains of frescoes by Molosso with an “Annunciazione”.

In 1798, the Canons Lateran were suppressed and the contents of this wealthy convent were auctioned to raise money to pay Napoleonic demands. After the deconsecration, due the invasion of the Napoleonic troops, and until the Second World War, the church and the monastery was used as barracks, hospital, and warehouse.

Nowadays the site is managed privately and it is used for art exhibitions.

During the conference days, this beautiful location will host 10 inedited paintings owned by the Ricci Oddi Modern Art Gallery of Piacenza, located right close to the Basilica of Sant’Agostino.

The Gala Dinner will be accompanied by a musical entertainment by the ENERBIA group.


The work of ENERBIA, one of the most active Italian groups in the field of ancient and traditional music, is closely linked to the enhancement of the musical repertoire of the Italian North West, from the flat area to the Apennines.

The group is formed by Maddalena Scagnelli, voice and psalter – she is also responsible for musical research and arrangements; Franco Guglielmetti, accordion; Gabriele Dametti, piffero; Massimo Visalli, guitar; Claudio Schiavi, double bass. In the ancient music productions, the group is enriched by the participation of Adriano Sanguineto at the gothic harp, Paolo Simonazzi at the hurdy gurdy and by the support of the vocal ensemble Eudaimonia.

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