Waste at a glance

1,5 kg

average waste per day per Italian citizen


average of waste collected separately


waste disposed of in landfills in 2014

1 kg

waste to power a led bulb for 80 hours

Each Italian produces an average of 1.5 kg of waste per day.

In Italy, on average, only 45 % of waste is collected separately.
However, there are huge differences between Regions.

The landfill, in Italy, is still the most widely used waste management option, even if it is constantly decreasing: in 2014, 31% of the waste produced was sent for disposal in landfills.

From the combustion of 1 kg of unsorted waste, a high-efficiency waste-to-energy plant can produce enough electricity to power a LED bulb for 80 hours, or a washing cycle of a class A +++ washing machine.