Plant Virtual Tour

IREN Waste-to-Energy Plant in Parma

A complete visit to the structure located inside the integrated environmental center of Parma, in the northern suburbs of the city, an example of implantistic excellence to the service of the territory.

Edition 2014 – Video Shooting G.M.Pacchiani – Assembly and Direction A.Meore – Pal 16: 9 – taken from the DVD “New energy for the city” (Iren S.p.a 2014).

IREN Waste-to-Energy Plant in Turin

An immersive virtual visit to access areas normally closed to the public.
A guide to discover the different environments, viewable at 360 ° by simply rotating the camera and using mouse or PC keyboard. A video experience to get to know a latest generation system, highly innovative, with a modern and essential aesthetic and which, in 2020, entered around 367mwh of energy produced by the waste at the service of the city of Turin.

HERAmbiente anaerobic digestion plant

The Sant’Agata Bolognese biomethane plant is a project of the Hera Group (the first multiutility in Italy to build a biomethane production plant on an industrial scale), which thanks to an investment for the revamping of the existing site has allowed the recovery of materials and energy from organic waste thanks to the production of compost and biomethane. Located in the municipality of Sant’Agata Bolognese, the plant recovers organic urban waste from separate collection, using an anaerobic-aerobic waste type process and producing quality compost and biomethane.

Anaerobic management plant for the production of biogas and compost from organic waste.
Realization of Cesaro Mac Import owned by HERAmbiente.