MatER + Final Sinks Meeting 2021 | Authors TERMS&CONDITIONS


1. The works selected, either as oral presentations or posters, will be handled by the Organization Committee and later published in non-editable digital format on a section on the MatER Study Center website, dedicated to the proceedings. A booklet with the works collection will be distributed as well to all the participants during the event. The works that will be received but won’t be accepted by the Scientific Committee won’t be diffused in any way.


2. The allocation of the works submitted, either as ABSTRACTS or PROJECTS,  will be undertaken equally by the Scientific Committee according to their scientific quality, innovation, and relevance of the subject, together with the need to preserve a balance of topics. Due to inevitable scheduling constraints, some works will be illustrated during the Oral Sessions and the rest will be presented during the Poster Sessions, distributed among the 2 days, independently from the scheduling of each oral session. Equal prominence and visibility will be given to both sets of works as during the Meeting as in the Proceedings.


3. In case of poster presentations, poster printing costs are in charge to the authors. The available useful space for the poster presentation is 100 cm (width) x 150 cm (height). Henceforth we strongly recommend to print the poster using the A0 format (841×1189 mm), vertical layout, preferably using resistant/heavy paper. The Organization Committee will provide the metal grid and the material to attach them. Posters should be readable from a distance of at least 1 m.


4. Authors whose works have been accepted are asked to confirm their participation, in response to the acceptance mail sent by the Organization Committee.

5. In order to participate in the program, the authors will have to register then to the event individually. The registration is binding. Registration fees and travel expenses will be in charge of the authors. Anyhow, a special reduced fee will be indicated to the authors during the participant registration opening.

Personal Bio

6. Speakers of oral presentations and presenting authors of the selected posters are kindly invited to send a personal picture and a short description of their professional/academic profile to the Organization Committee. Authors’ profiles filled with this information could possibly be published on the Meeting’s proceedings and on the MatER Website.

Consent to the use of photographs and videos taken during the event

7. The author has given their consent that, if within the scope of the MatER + Final Sinks Meeting 2021 any photographs are taken by personnel allowed by the MatER Study Center which allows the identification of an author, the (non-remunerated) use of those photographic images for similar events and strictly own purposes, specifically in printed advertising, Internet, social media platforms and other printed work and news articles is permitted. The author agrees to the publication of the photographs and video material by the MatER Study Center for the aforementioned purposes. The author agrees in particular that the photographs taken during this event will be published on the MatER + Final Sinks Meeting 2021 website, as well as on the official channels and in the social media platforms of the MatER Study Center, of the LEAP Consortium and of the Politecnico di Milano.
There will be no use in contexts prohibited by law or which damage decorum and dignity. Posing for and use of the images for the purposes stated above are understood to be completely free of charge. Photographs will be handled by the MatER Study Center in full respect of the Italian Law.
The participant furthermore agrees to the photographs being stored and processed in digital format by the MatER Study Center or the purposes outlined above. The participant may withdraw their consent and object to the possible use of their photographs for promotional purposes at any time by submitting an informal note to the MatER Study Center at Upon receipt of such objection, the MatER Study Center will cease to use the photographs in question, furthermore deleting if necessary these photos and/or videos in questions, stored in digital format.


8. The program is subject to alterations. The Organization Committee reserves the right to supplement and/ or modify the MatER + Final Sinks Meeting 2021 General Program and work submission procedure at any time with provisions intended to improve the event.