MatER Meeting 2019 | Topics and Submission


The topics of interest of the 4th MatER Meeting include but are not limited to:

Innovative Municipal Solid Waste treatment technologies

• Study Cases & Techno-economic evaluations
• Digital solutions and big data in the Waste Industry 4.0
• Technological developments and Smart Decision tools for the plant monitoring
• Collection & Transportation of waste

Material & Energy recovery from waste

• Integration between Material & Energy recovery from Waste
• Reuse, Recycling & Resources Recovery
• Waste to Energy: Energy Efficiency & Cogeneration
• Alternative thermal treatments: pyrolysis and gasification

Biobased industry and Residual valorization

• Biofuels from residual biomass
• Biomethane & Upgrading technologies
• Biological treatment techniques: composting & anaerobic digestion
• Sewage sludge treatment and disposal

Environmental sustainability and Circular economy

• Industrial symbiosis and efficient use of resources
• LCA and Environmental footprint analysis
• Byproducts & End-Of-Waste
• Emissions and Air Quality

Normative and Economic framework

• EU policies: Ecotoxicity & waste classification
• Characterization of waste residues and safe final sinks
• Economic regulation, market opportunities and new business models
• Directives and current legal framework

Waste management and its sociological issues

• Integrated waste management: services for the environment and the citizens
• Strategies, best practices and waste prevention
• Food waste reduction and bio-economy
• Communication, perceptions and common beliefs


With the 4th edition of the conference it is also our ambition to strengthen the connection between the applied research with the industry. For this reason we decided to set 2 twin calls, for scientific contributions & for technical contributions, equally evaluated but specifically addressed to different bodies.


Addressed to: Universities, Academic Institutes, Research Centers, R&D Units, Control Authorities.

This CALL is dedicated to works characterized by a high scientific and innovative content, from an academic perspective.

These works should be defined by rigorous theoretical bases, a strong bibliographic background and a comprehensive presentation of the methodology adopted and the results obtained.

As an example, authors of works including a modelling activity and/or an experimental campaign are invited to apply for this type of call, in the form of an extended abstract.


Addressed to: Industries, Consulting & Engineering Companies, Plant Operators, Technology Suppliers.

This CALL is dedicated to works involving practical issues on existing plants and technologies, from an industrial perspective.

This works should report the main results of the activity conducted and the layout of its configuration, showing the overall analysis of the study case system.

As an example, authors of works including a performance evaluation of a pilot plant or the experimental application of a new technology are invited to apply for this type of call, in the form of a short abstract.

The dual nature of the CALL is meant to preserve a balance between abstracts with a strong scientific background coming mainly from the academic world together with the ones of industrial derivation with more technological and ordinary application.

However both type of abstracts coming either as scientific contributions or as technical contributions will be evaluated by the same scientific committee and will be distributed equally among the different sessions as oral presentations or posters, according to their content and their interest.


In order to submit your abstract please download the template below and respect the requirements of each call indicated:

Language:   English   English or Italian
 Length:  Min 2 pages and 4,000 characters
Max 5 pages
Min 1 page and 2,500 characters
Max 4 pages
 Format:  .doc, .docx or .pdf – Template below
 File Name:  Last name of the corresponding author (e.g. Rossi.doc)


CALL for ABSTRACTS is now CLOSED! For any request, please contact

Abstracts must be submitted only through the following form. In case of multiple abstracts, please submit each abstract separately.

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