MatER Meeting 2019 | Last Edition

On May 22nd – 23rd the 3rd MatER Meeting took place at the Piacenza Campus of the Politecnico di Milano over “Innovation & Trends in Waste Management”.

This biannual conference arises from the fundamental goal of MatER that is providing a thorough, objective representation of technologies and policies for material and energy recovery from waste, covering the regulatory, strategic and technical scientific aspects of sustainable waste management. The event has been organized with the scientific support of DICA (Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering) and Energy Department of the Politecnico di Milano.

For the first time the collection of the works has been managed entirely through a call for-abstracts and their evaluation has been undertaken by a scientific committee according to their quality, innovation and relevance of the subject, together with the need to preserve a balance of topics within the sessions.

The detailed program, together with the short abstract descriptions, can still be consulted at the dedicated page of the event at this link.

Some works have been illustrated in the 4 oral sessions and the rest have been presented during the poster sessions, distributed among the 2 days.

The focus of the 4 oral sessions have been:

May 22nd 2017


●  Session 1 –  Strategies and perceptions on waste management

        Chair: Stefano Consonni, Dip. di Energia – Politecnico di Milano


●  Session 2 – Closing the loop: potential and critical issues:

        Chair: Lucia Rigamonti, DICA – Politecnico di Milano


 Round Table: Economic Regulation of waste management


□ POSTER Session

During the afternoon of May 22nd we introduced a special panel session concerning the economic regulation of waste management, which is becoming a relevant topic especially in Italy. After an overview concerning the regulation of waste management tariffs, a round table with institutional guests of the AGCM (Italian Competition Authority), the AEEGSI (Italian Regulatory Authority for Electricity Gas and Water), UTILITALIA, ATERSIR Emilia Romagna, HERAMBIENTE and CONAI have been set up.

At the end of the round table, we had the pleasure and the honor to host the Italian Minister of the Environment, Gian Luca Galletti, who gave the closing speech of the economic session. The conference offered a broad overview on the waste management situation in Italy with the possibility to compare it as well with some other countries. The speakers outlined the main technological, environmental and economical challenges that are going to be faced to improve the sustainability of the waste management system and some proposal on how to tackle them.

The first day ended up with the GALA dinner at the premises of the prestigious “Anticamera del Trono” of Palazzo Farnese in Piacenza, preceded by a guided tour of the Guercino Exhibition and of Palazzo Farnese’s main galleries.

Finally, another novelty of the 3rd edition has been the introduction of the technical visit of a waste treatment facility, hosted this year on May 24th at the WtE plant of Piacenza of IREN Ambiente.

Here are in summary some of the #MatER17’s numbers:

  • ~130 participants over 8 nations coming from different professional realities (university, industry, public administrations, etc.)
  • 24 speeches over 2 days
  • 13 Posters exposed
  • 4 international Keynote lectures
  • 1 round table with institutional guests

Hence, the Meeting has been an occasion of discussion and knowledge sharing, on an international level, of projects and activities over the waste management world. Once again, the event has been confirmed to be a fruitful appointment in the sector of the recovery of materials and energy from refuse, according to the mission of the MatER Study Center.

We truly want to thank the sponsors of the event:


Waiting for the 2019 Edition, it is possibile to find the detailed program together with the main description of all the presented works at the
dedicated website of the #MatER17.

For more information or in order to download the proceedings of the 3rd Edition, please contact the organization commitee at